Woodhouse Farm has been designed to help you enjoy the Great British countryside and is home to a plethora of flora and fauna.

We continually strive to protect and enhance our natural environment, here in our special corner of the Yorkshire Dales. There’s plenty of things to look out for during your stay including rabbits, deer, pheasants, squirrels, ducks, geese, water hens, bees and lots of mini beasts. Why not visit our and bug hotel, located up at the large fishing lake?

We are constantly looking at what we can do to encourage nature, including planting more trees, hedgerows and wild flowers and letting our meadows grow wild where we can. We also generate all the heating and hot water for the Parks’ facilities using biomass fuel, thereby minimising our carbon footprint.

We’re proud to display the David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature logo.

Taking the pledge demonstrates our commitment to helping nature and the natural environment. It involves signing up to a wildlife challenge every year and committing to five steps:

  • Improving existing habitats for wildlife
  • Creating new wildlife habitats and features where possible
  • Managing green spaces in as environmentally friendly a way as possible
  • Involving everyone in wildlife conservation
  • Engaging with local conservation bodies and projects.

We’re also a BBKA Honey Bee Friendly Park. This means we have committed to doing whatever we can to provide the forage plants that bees need, to provide homes for bees and to spread the word about bee conservation.

David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature BBKA Honey Bee Friendly Park